How to Properly Make the Coffee in Moka Pot

Coffee lovers around the world, unite! Hands up who has never had problems with moka. Here we reveal how to solve the issue to properly make your coffee in moka. With a trick found from the physics experiment and the tips of the grandmother. Ready to take notes?



For many of us, coffee is a real craze . Fuel for the body and especially for the mind, to relieve the stress, a tasty drink and opportunity to spend the time with friends.

To brew coffee is indeed an art, and everyone enjoys coffee in his own way. There are the lovers of waffles , practical and fast: the result is usually very good.

The professionals , who have the machine the same as those used in bars (the ones to be loaded with the “arm” filter holder, for instance). And then there are classic : those that make coffee with moka .

You have the opportunity to learn a thousand tricks on moka to prepare a less dense, creamy coffee. Though coffee available in the bar always has its charm which a family knows better.

It makes us think of those long lunches with relatives, who regularly ended with a little of Moka coffee served in mismatched pots. Sure the device is devilish, does not work properly and makes us angry. But the wide variety of tips on the subject resolves the issue.


One of the problems encountered is this: the coffee that does not “properly brewed” . Could it be the fault of moka? The water – served hot, but not boiling – is in contact with the coffee.

Everything is governed by a delicate balance of pressure. Disturb this balance, and water will not spread properly. How does that happen? The factors can be different for example coffee too pressed, or the flame too high. This will transform the coffee lying in the bottom of the pot in cover and will prevent the water to do its job.


Rightly say: How do I lower the pressure inside the mocha? The solution is neither physical nor in the mocha. In fact far from it, is the classic Grandma’s remedy.

The trick, simply, is to cool the tank of mocha with water spray. It will drastically drop the temperature allowing a decrease of pressure in the pot. Thus allowing the coffee beans to have distance from each other. More room between the beans means more room for water. That so it will make your attempt to make coffee flawless and you will have your favorite hot drink you to be served.

Of course, prevention is better than cure. There are many small precautions to prevent this from happening. One of these is to warm the Mocha over low heat. Yes, we know that when you go for coffee its’ difficult to wait, but to make the perfect coffee it takes the right calmness.

Also, avoid pressing too much the mixture is a pretty good advice. And now that you know everything, really everything, on how to best use your mocha … you might have now need of coffee?

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