How to Choose the 5.1 Speaker for Home?


Speakers that you are going to put the home is not only a source of the high-quality sound but also the element of the interior. Do not forget about it, choosing the appropriate setting. However, the main factor is the purpose of the acquisition of acoustics. What do you plan to use it? To create an appropriate background sound during games, listening to music or watching movies. For acoustics, designed for gaming, it does not always have deep bass, so it does not fully disclose the soundtrack to a movie or a particular style of music.

Where to Place them?
The placing of speakers vary from situation to situation and more importantly the location where they will be kept. They are floor and shelf based, although the more common blend option when a couple of columns installed on the floor, but the second pair hung on the wall or put on the shelf.

5.1 system includes a subwoofer, center channel and two pairs of speakers front and rear. One of stereotyping suggests buying only outdoor acoustics. This is partly justified − u columns with floor placement of deeper, large-scale and basovitoe sounding compared to the “polochnikami” of the same series. Moreover, it does not need a separate attachment or supports, and indeed it looks more impressive. Manufacturers also emphasize the VIP status of floor installations, with the highest numbers in the series and the hefty price.


However, it is also not devoid of Floorstanding speakers the advantages-she is cheaper and takes less space. This is particularly important for small rooms-it makes no sense to occupy the space giant racks. Finally, bookshelf speakers less demanding to the amplifier, which means easy and allows you to save on the periphery.

Signs of a good music system

About the materials that produce chassis speakers and subwoofer longstanding fierce disputes. In the heat of the discussion overlooked one thing − casing must be, above all, tough and durable, and it can provide high quality plastic. But wooden enclosures or made of MDF (spresovannyh sawdust) seem more durable and more suitable for reproduction of sound without distortion. The next important feature of good acoustics − frequency range. It should be located within the boundaries of 20 up to 20000 Hz, but the above or below these values, the better. This is followed by the power. It is usually reflected in the form of total power (RMS). This standard consists of a volume control and power all speakers sound system 5.1. More powerful acoustics adds less distortion when sounding the same brighter “hidden” are audible in normal conditions. Using RMS determines the maximum duration columns in the reference conditions, in a room devoid of extraneous noise and jehoobrazovanija. Typically, this is quite an objective criterion by which evaluated real possibilities of acoustics. Peak power can be aimed by standard PMPO (also called “Chinese Watts)-when you use dynamics can withstand only a couple seconds at low frequencies at full volume. PMPO values in 10-15 times higher than the nominal capacity and it does not reflect the normal operation of the system. Also objective information about power acoustics gives a standard DIN-it measures the stability of acoustics for a long time on medium power.


However, don’t forget that for sound design a small room with the area of 10-15 sq.m. enough for almost any speaker system. Tell you how it will sound exactly in your apartment or House, nobody can. Even after listening to sound at the Mall, you don’t represent yourself spectacular sound home-too different all of us planning, sound absorbing interior decoration and arrangement of acoustics. As we have informed, it shall be deemed that the potential of outdoor acoustics higher than shelving. Often in the characteristics found mention of the sensitivity of the acoustics. This indicator is measured in decibels (DB) and typically ranges from 80 to 90. If the sensitivity is in the range of 87 to 92 DB, then the amplifier easier to “warm up” speakers for surround sound at high volume.

Acoustic heart

The core of any speaker system above 2.0 is the subwoofer. Its characteristics sometimes indicate separately, we will acquaint you with the types of subwoofer enclosures. Bass reflex models pose deeper and richer bass, but a little is lost audio clarity and not put them anywhere in the House. Subwoofers with enclosure closed type more accurately transmit sound, emphasizing its individual sound. “Band” they only at very low frequencies. However, for listening to music this is the perfect option. And, finally, the pinnacle of the development of engineering remain the device with a passive radiator. They are similar to ported enclosures, but advanced inverter into the hole set passive radiator. It looks like the item, only without the subwoofer coil and magnetic fringing. He is chosen so that its resonance coincided with lower working frequency of Saba. This underlines the bottom sounding noise subwoofer without air inlet resonator.


As the Government of Lucania arrange speaker system 5.1?

Speakers will not be able to fully develop their potential, if it is not correctly positioned relative to the listener. Only a competent arrangement will create a surround sound effect with presence and will reveal all the nuances of your favorite songs. In principle, a single “recipe” for installation does not exist, but the overall trend is still present. The central channel is set directly opposite the viewer/listener, usually on a shelf in the table under the tv. At an angle of 30 degrees relative to the central channel “-” Viewer “to the left and right front speakers pair is installed. Rear speakers are behind the viewer at an angle of 110 degrees relative to the central channel “-” Viewer “on the sides. They create surround sound and more precisely highlight what is happening behind the scenes. Source of low frequencies-subwoofer-is located to the left or right relative to the central channel in the corner of the room. In General looks like placement of approximately as shown in the diagram.


What other characteristics have Acoustics 5.1?

Other features and functions loudspeaker systems are more likely to be “bloat”. Certainly included will go remote control (for easy switching off the couch). Some modern models provide the wireless connection on the radio channels is avoids the wires and place the speakers in the most unexpected places. Acoustic performance depends on weight, applied materials and “internal” acoustics. Subwoofer and speakers can weigh up to 50 kg and central channel − up to 25 kg. And it’s not always a bad thing. Enclosure installation likely made of high quality materials and will not cause resonance. Often you can find such a feature as the impedance, or resistance value. It reflects the AC impedance. This option does not affect the sound quality of varying acoustics. It indicates that you considered the possibilities speaker when you connect them to the amplifier. Usually nominal for styli sound systems does not exceed 8 Ohm. In other words, if the speakers impedance lower than the amplifier to the speakers will be transferred to the distortion and wheezing. But if higher-the speakers will sound quieter than it should.


There are number of bands.

The Strip is divided into the full range of reproducible acoustic frequencies. Good models “raspolosovka” is achieved thanks to the special design speaker. Just happens from 1 up to 5 bands. The classic “odnochastotnik” − subwoofer reproduces just the low frequencies. Standard are considered to be two-way speakers in which two speakers reproduce the entire frequency spectrum. Low frequency − lower border and part of the mid-range, treble − the upper limit of the range, including uppercase mids. In 2.5.x-band systems installed tweeter and two WOOFERS. One BASS plays only low frequencies, and the second − low and medium frequency. In 3-way systems for every level of frequencies allocated its speaker, which, of course, implies a great sounding, but guarantee it can only excellent performance and quality materials. Other features will be of interest to you only if you are going to shell out for an ideal home stereo rig.

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